If I could believe
In society’s beliefs
It would be a relieve.

If I could behave
Like the norms we live,
I would have no grief,

But grief is all I have
For I creep into the deep
Under the hollows of foot marks
Foot marks of the legitimate
The ones who churn creativity,for productivity
And instead,entartains mediocrity with no integrity.

If only I could be still
And let them systematically condition my brain
What I call drain;
Think as I am told,
Act as I am told,
Maybe I’d have no grief

But grief is all I feel
For I am a bird born in a cage
Who doesn’t know how to fly
And think freedom is a crime.

If I could breathe instead of seethe
Over anger. Anger with no direction,
Maybe I would not grief
But grief is all I am
For I am born a hate child
Abandoned by nature, and deprived of nurture

Let me grief
For I am an abused woman
Who’s used to beating
And never stops bleeding
For iLive in this calamitous world
Lost in the dilemma if sinicism.

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