No one was searching him when he found us.

We felt empty,and didn’t know where to go

Then,he brought along someone
Someone who told us that he loves us.
That we belong to him.
And that he wants to share our lives with us.

We had the good news that he wanted to heal and forgive.
We didn’t have status,
We were poor empty sinners.

But God our lord built life in us.
He saw something great in us.
Indeed,his son went more than a mile for us
He gave away his glory
Came to our sinister earth and suffered.
How can we thank him?

I can only imagine
Not far beyond the margin
On that rugged tree
For me to be free.
He was besmirched
As his love was much.

I can only imagine
The skipped heart beat as he was beaten,
Then blood and water came gargling out
And not even a word was murmured as everyone watched
How can we thank him?

This is what I call love.
Love from above
Love beyond our capability thinking
One that we can never phantom as being.

Oh how can I thank you lord?
How can I show you my appreciation?
Let me dance for you,
On the beat of the drums
As I remind myself how much you were beaten for me.
Lord,let me voice out the sounds of my singing
And let my oesophagus vibrate to the fullest,
As I remember how you screamed as you were being crowned with thorns!
Let me speak out your word as I remind myself
The corroding words you were told as they spat on you.

Father,as I have nothing to offer you,
Let me give you my heart and soul, because,

When I was in the dark,with sorrows and dispear,
Out of my heart you lit a candle

When I was full of fear,
You gave me strength to stay strong.
When I fell down,

you picked me up.
When I was weary,

you carried me
When I was naked,
You clothed me with dignity
How can I thank you?

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