It’s six O’clock.⏰
The morning feels Awsome
I love how the colours haven’t come yet
Just a contrast of dimness
Making the bulb brighter💡

The morning feels wonderful
The mind seems mindful.🧠
I am ready for this day.
I wonder what it holds for me?
Maybe incidence, or new opportunities!

There is something supernatural about the wind
Very mysterious,
I think its calling out my name.

The birds are singing the morning blues,🕊
And look,the blue Jay just passed by.
Maybe I should send it back home,
Oh how I miss them.
Well, I have no time for nature calls,
I better get back to studying.📖

The light is slowly creeping through the under pane.
Passing through the outside garden,
Giving the lilies a natural glow How magestic!
I better get back to preps.
Its thirty to time.

What am I doing here?
Among these unknown people,
Sitting in these queer furniture,
Staring at these papers?

Oh yes. I am in schools. In preps.
These people are my classmates
Though they chit-chat all the time,
At least they are quite now
I can think!
And I better get back to studying.


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