Christimas in Rwanda

Today,we celebrate your birth Summer King
Born in Bethlehem
of Judea
Under the Eastern Star.

Behold,it’s Christmas in Rwanda

And no there is no frost,or snow angel making.
But a blazen sunny dusk,
With rays shimmering on the Christmas trees.

Before the sky melts,
In our best garments,
We leap in joy heading to cathedrals as morals,
With each,we kiss you on the crucifix;
And fall at the feet of your wooden doll.

Christimas in Rwanda

At down,bright lights surround the circumference of the city.
Twinkling on the road sides,
Like a clear sky full of stars.
Men match upon them,
Drunk and outworn
And women hide their shameful faces
Under their braids.

Christimas in Rwanda

I don’t have much on my wish list
Neither do I believe in Santa
But as for you Rabbi,
I have a few wishes.

I wish for faith.
To believe in the unseen,
To pray in the Holly ghost
And not before marionettes.

I wish for peace and prosperity for our nation

Protection of our head paul,
As you did for your servant Paul soul.

Bless us with rains from above
For growth
To reduce femine and hunger.

I wish for clear lungs;
Free from smoke and carbon.
A healthy mind.

Mend wounded hearts,
Move crippled beings,
Mould broken spirits;
And molest malicious morals.

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